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         Since its establishment in 2006, Yunzhan has been adhering to the concept of “making a tasteful exhibition”,pursuing ecological development,incorporating corporate culture into design inspiration,and pursuing the harmonious development of man and nature.Over the past 15 years,Yunzhan has designed and constructed more than 3,000 exhibition cases,striving for high standards,high efficiency and high service “three high”requirements,and has been honored as”.We have a professional design team and construction team,with rich experience in production and construction .The exhibition factory covers an area of about 5000 square meters and is equipped with standard paint room.Our service covers many large and medium-sized exhibition design companies,advertising companies and activity planning companies in Shanghai,Guangzhou and Beijing.Shanghai-Beijing-Guangzhou three branches and the factory linkage operation,professional infrastructure,complete warehouse support,one-stop procurement support,for you to present better service,but also for your needs to provide a full range of solid security!

           Excelsior,strive for perfection is our unremitting pursuit,to provide customers with better service is our eternal power source,the customer is the starting point of all our work.From the height of the focus,from the small things,starting from the subtle,more to meet customer needs.We cherish the opportunity and mission given by The Times and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you and developing together!



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